Hornady Shell Plate #10 #40 S&W

Hornady Shell Plate #10 #40 S&W
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Brand: Hornady
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Hornady SHELL PLATE #10 LNL AP & PROJShell plates for Lock-N-Load AP and Pro-Jector™are available to fit the calibers listed, but are only a partial list of calibers you can load with our shell plates.Each shell plate will also hold additionalcalibers with the same case head dimensions. Here are the cartridges with the Shell Plate and Shell Holder number needed:CartridgeShell Plate#Shell Holder#10MM AUTO101017 REM161617 REM FIREBALL161617-222161617-223161620 TACTICAL161620 VT1616204 RUGER1616219 ZIPPER2222 PP C6622 RCFM-JET6622 SAV HP22221 REM FIREBALL1616222 REM1616222 REM MAG161622-250 ACK IMP1122-250 REM11223 REM1616223 WSSM3535240 WBY MAG11243 WIN11243 WSSM3535244/6MM REM1125 WSSM3535250 SAV1125-06 REM1125-2841125-35 WIN22256 WIN MAG66257 RBTS11257 WBY MAG55260 REM11264 WIN MAG55270 WBY MAG55270 WIN11270 WSSM3535280 REM11280 REM AC KIMP11280 REM/7MM EXP11284 WIN1130 HERRETT2230 LUGER8830 MAUSER88300 AAC/WHISPER1616300 H&H55300 OLYMPIC (OSSM)3535300 RCM55300 REM ULTRA MAG55300 RSAUM55300 SAV11300 WBY MAG55300 WIN MAG55300 WSM353530-06 SPRINGFIELD1130-30 ACK IMP2230-30 WIN22308 NOR MAMAG55308 WIN1130TC1132 WINSPL2232-40 WIN22325 WSM3535338 FEDERAL11338 RCM55338 REM ULTRA MAG55338 WIN MAG55338-0611340 WBY MAG5535 WHELEN11350 REM MAG55357 HERRETT22357 MAGNUM66357 REM MAX66357 SIG1010357-44 B&D3030358 NOR MAMAG55358 WIN11375 H&H55375 REM ULTRA MAG55375 RUGER55375 WIN2238 AUTO8838 SPECIAL6638 SUPER AUTO88380 AUTO161638-55 WIN2240 S&W1010400 COR-BON11416 REM MAG55416 RUGER5544 AUTO MAG1144 REM MAG303044 SPECIAL3030445 SUPER MAG303045 AUTO454545 COLT323245 WIN MAG11450 BUSHMASTER11450 MARLIN55454 CASULL3232458 LOTT55458 SOCOM11458 WIN555.6X50 MAG16165.6X52R225.6x571150 BEO WULF666.5 CREEDMOOR116.5 GRENDEL666.5 REM MAG556.5x5519196.5-06116.5-284116.5MM TCU16166.5X57116.5X6830306MM INT116MM PP C666MM REM BR116MM TCU16166MM-22316166MM-284116X47 REM16167.5 SWISS227.62X39667.7 JAP117.92X33MM KURZ117MM REM BR117MM REM MAG557MM REM ULTRA MAG557MM RSAUM557MM STW557MM TCU1616