Hornady Shell Holder #30 8x68S/44Rem Mag/44 Spes/

Hornady Shell Holder #30 8x68S/44Rem Mag/44 Spes/
Kategorier: Varemerke, Hornady
Brand: Hornady
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Hornady SHELL HOLDER #30Shell Holders are precision machined from solid steel then heat treated to perform flawlessly for the life of the press. They fit all other Hornady accessories** (Case Trimmer, Hand-Held Priming Tool, etc.). Hornady steel shell holders also fit most other brands of reloading presses.Here are the cartridges with the Shell Plate and Shell Holder number needed:CartridgeShell Plate#Shell Holder#10MM AUTO101017 REM161617 REM FIREBALL161617-222161617-223161620 TACTICAL161620 VT1616204 RUGER1616219 ZIPPER2222 PP C6622 RCFM-JET6622 SAV HP22221 REM FIREBALL1616222 REM1616222 REM MAG161622-250 ACK IMP1122-250 REM11223 REM1616223 WSSM3535240 WBY MAG11243 WIN11243 WSSM3535244/6MM REM1125 WSSM3535250 SAV1125-06 REM1125-2841125-35 WIN22256 WIN MAG66257 RBTS11257 WBY MAG55260 REM11264 WIN MAG55270 WBY MAG55270 WIN11270 WSSM3535280 REM11280 REM AC KIMP11280 REM/7MM EXP11284 WIN1130 HERRETT2230 LUGER8830 MAUSER88300 AAC/WHISPER1616300 H&H55300 OLYMPIC (OSSM)3535300 RCM55300 REM ULTRA MAG55300 RSAUM55300 SAV11300 WBY MAG55300 WIN MAG55300 WSM353530-06 SPRINGFIELD1130-30 ACK IMP2230-30 WIN22308 NOR MAMAG55308 WIN1130TC1132 WINSPL2232-40 WIN22325 WSM3535338 FEDERAL11338 RCM55338 REM ULTRA MAG55338 WIN MAG55338-0611340 WBY MAG5535 WHELEN11350 REM MAG55357 HERRETT22357 MAGNUM66357 REM MAX66357 SIG1010357-44 B&D3030358 NOR MAMAG55358 WIN11375 H&H55375 REM ULTRA MAG55375 RUGER55375 WIN2238 AUTO8838 SPECIAL6638 SUPER AUTO88380 AUTO161638-55 WIN2240 S&W1010400 COR-BON11416 REM MAG55416 RUGER5544 AUTO MAG1144 REM MAG303044 SPECIAL3030445 SUPER MAG303045 AUTO454545 COLT323245 WIN MAG11450 BUSHMASTER11450 MARLIN55454 CASULL3232458 LOTT55458 SOCOM11458 WIN555.6X50 MAG16165.6X52R225.6x571150 BEO WULF666.5 CREEDMOOR116.5 GRENDEL666.5 REM MAG556.5x5519196.5-06116.5-284116.5MM TCU16166.5X57116.5X6830306MM INT116MM PP C666MM REM BR116MM TCU16166MM-22316166MM-284116X47 REM16167.5 SWISS227.62X39667.7 JAP117.92X33MM KURZ117MM REM BR117MM REM MAG557MM REM ULTRA MAG557MM RSAUM557MM STW557MM TCU1616