Hornady Pistol Bullets 9Mm .355 90 Gr Xtp

Hornady Pistol Bullets 9Mm .355 90 Gr Xtp
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Brand: Hornady
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Hornady Pistol Bullets 9Mm .355 90 Gr XtpDesigned for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. Reliable performance makes the XTP® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters. But it’s the stopping power of the XTP® bullet that has truly built its world-class reputation. From the onset, XTP® bullets were specifically designed to expand reliably at a wide range of handgun velocities to deliver deep penetration with every shot.Precise serrations divide the XTP® into symmetrical sections, strategically weakening the jacket and initiating controlled expansion even at low velocities.The gilding metal jacket protects the nose of the bullet, so the hollow cavity functions properly on impact and ensures proper feeding in semi-automatics.Total uniformity of core density ensures balanced expansion as well as in-flight stability.Expansion is controlled by varying jacket thickness down the length of the XTP®, providing a definite advantage over plated bullets which have a uniform jacket thickness over the entire bullet.CANNELUREOn revolver bullets, the cannelure helps achieve accurate, consistent crimping. All cannelures are applied before the final forming process to eliminate any distortion to the finished bullet.