Hornady Bench Rest Metering Insert

Hornady Bench Rest Metering Insert
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Brand: Hornady
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Hornady Bench Rest Metering InsertYou’ll receive all the advantages of Lock-N-Load® technology with the added benefit of more precise measuring. That precision comes from a specially designed chrome-plated metering insert and a smaller metering chamber to promote more consistent and uniform filling.There’s no need to drain your powder hopper or disassemble the Powder Measure. Simply use the Drain Tube Insert (sold separately) to rapidly and easily return powder to its container.FeaturesThe micrometer adjustment gives positive reference for metering adjustments.Install pre-set metering units by simply pushing the button on the outside of the metering chamber.Measurements adjust from 20 to 65 grains.All moving parts have been plated for protection and long life.The rotor requires NO lubrication.