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Vertebrae universal tofotfeste for Javelin


Et robust tofotfeste som ikke vil knekke eller bli bøyd. Vertebrae universalfeste til tofot gir brukeren mulighet til å bytte mellom Versa-Pod, Neopod, Javelin og Picatinny ved å bytte ut en komponent. Den er laget for å passe både tre- og syntetisk stokk. 

kr 695,00 kr 556,00

The Vertebrae Universal Bipod Mount (UBM) is our way of solving multiple challenges; 

Ruggedness, flexibility, adaptability -  It will never bend or break, it enables you to switch between different bipod systems and we can adapt to to new systems as they arrrive on the market.

The adapter makes use of our proprietary interface, allowing the user to change between a Versa-Pod spigot, a Neo-Pod spigot, a Javelin spigot, and a short Picatinny rail.

This item comes with a m5x30 bolt and nut. Please see the options list for other stock mounting options.

The Vertebrae Universal Bipod Mount is a complete bipod mounting system that will allow you to mount any bipod to any wood or synthetic stock.

The Vertebrae Universal Bipod Mount fits directly to a Blaser R93, R8 or Mauser M03 with synthetic stocks. To use the UBM on other synthetic or wooden stocks we have made an aluminium rod (Glue-in Bolt) that can be epoxied into the stock, and the adapter mounted on the rod. The "step down interface" should rest lightly against the front of the stock when mounted. Use a drop of Loctite 222. 

For soft plastic rifle stocks with little material in the front of the stock (for example Tikka T3), the aluminium rod can be used to stiffen up the front of the stock, secured through the bottom of the stock with M5 Stock screws.  

To mount the UBM on a Blaser, unscrew the original Blaser swivel mount and fasten the “step down-interface” using a 5mm Allen head screw. Make sure you have the interface aligned vertically. Use the Hexagon flange nut on the inside of the stock. Tighten the assembly together; we suggest using Locktite 222 on the screw. 

Changing the front part of the UBM from Versa-Pod to picatinny or NeoPod is done in seconds. Just unscrew the 6mm sunk head Allen bolt, replace the adapter and you’re done. We suggest using a drop of Loctite 222 and tightening the screw with the long end of the Allen key, using a two-finger torque grip. Do not overdo it. If you bend the Allen key you are over-torqueing it.


Vertebrae AS is a small product design and development firm, based in rainy Bergen, Norway. We specialises in equipment for long range shooting, but we have a surprisingly wide range of interests. We both design our own products, and design products for others. Please let us know if you are looking for something special, we might be able to assist!
All our products are designed and developed in Norway.
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Tofotfeste Javelin
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