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Vertebrae Versa-Pod tofotfeste til Blaser


Et robust tofotfeste som ikke vil knekke eller bli bøyd. Vertebrae universalfeste til tofot gir brukeren mulighet til å bytte mellom Versa-Pod, Neopod og Picatinny ved å bytte ut en komponent. Den er laget for å passe både tre- og syntetisk stokk. 

Så lav som kr 620,00 kr 496,00

Vertebrae Blaser Bipod Mount – Versa-Pod

Fits directly to a Blaser R93, R8 Success, R8 Professional and Mauser M03 with synthetic stock and wooden stocks where the front rifle sling mount is attached with a bolt and not a wood screw. The bipod mount adapter will also fit other wooden stocks by using the embedding bolt. Make sure the rifle stock is thick enough before drilling a hole for the bolt rod.

The best part of the adapter is that it’s possible to use it with different bipods by only changing the front spigot. Available spigots are: Versa-Pod, Neopod, Picatinny Rail and Javelin/Spartan spigot.

It’s done easy and done in a few seconds: Just unscrew the 6mm sunk head Allen bolt, replace the spigot and you’re done. We suggest using a drop of Loctite 222 and tightening the screw with the long end of the Allen key, using a two-finger torque grip. Do not overdo it. If you bend the Allen key, you are over-torqueing it.

Installation – Blaser R93, R8 and Mauser M03

Bilderesultat for versa-pod blaser

1. Remove the original sling stud from the stock.
2. Place the adapter in the hole and make sure the adapter is vertical.
3. Depending on the model, choose either the 60 mm, 70 mm or the 90 mm bolt and bring it in the adapter.

4. Secure the bolt with the hexagon nut on the inside of the rifle stock. We suggest using a drop of Loctite 222 on the screw.

Installation – Wooden stocks

The mounting requires precision and drilling in the stock and we recommend that it’s done by a gun smith.  

The embedding bolt is an aluminium rod that can be epoxied into the stock, and the adapter mounted on the rod. The "step down interface" should rest lightly against the front of the stock when mounted. Use a drop of Loctite 222. The rod may also be used on Blaser synthetic stocks, if you need that extra bit of rigidity and strength. 

About Vertebrae AS

Vertebrae AS is a small product design and development firm, based in rainy Bergen, Norway. We believe in moving away from the traditional and instead use every modern invention, new processes and materials available to build lightweight, robust products that work. User-friendly products that will serve you well wherever you are, whether it is on the shooting range, out hunting or putting everything on the line in the field.


All our products are designed and developed in Norway.

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Tofotfeste Versa-Pod
Farge Black
Rifletype Blaser
Produsent Vertebrae
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