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Ready to ship: JAE-100 G3 Riflestock - Brown


JAE-100 G3 Coyote Brown with side rail adapters. 

Før kr 23 750,00 kr 17 500,00 kr 14 000,00

JAE-100 G3 Coyote Brown with side rail adapters. 


Full Length Aluminum Skeleton

Painted Composite Skins Permanently Bonded to Aluminum Skeleton

No Selector Cut Out 
Rear Lug Pocket 

Patented Aluminum Lug Slides (7075) Eliminates need for Glass Bedding

Rubber Grip

Flushmount Rail-European style

Cupmounts and Flush Cups (4 positions on each side of stock for attaching QD swivels for sling)

Trigger Pad Screws to adjust trigger group fit if loose

Adjustable Thumbwheel Cheek Rest w/ QD Mechanism (includes lever to remove cheek rest without tools for use with iron sites)

Bottom 2" Picatinny Rail (can be repositioned in several locations on Flushmount rail)

Bipod Adapter w/Swivel Stud (can be repositioned in several locations on Flushmount rail)

Off Hand Rest w/integral Picatinny Rail

Rubber Butt Pad (LOP can be adjusted by adding Butt Spacers which are sold separately)

Adjustable Palm Rest w/Spacers

Adjustable Barrel Tensioner

Solid Matching Handguard (heat shield over barrel)

Side Rail Adapters


The rifle stock will fit most M1A/M14 receivers including but not limited to Springfield Armory, LRB Arms, Armscorp, Enterprise, Norinco, and Polytec:

Springfield Super Match M1ATM Springfield National Match M1ATM
Springfield M25 WhitefeatherTM Springfield M21 TacticalTM
Springfield Loaded M1ATM Springfield Standard M1ATM
Springfield Scout M1ATM Springfield SOCOM II (Top rail only)
Springfield SOCOM 16 ARMSCORP
Fulton Armory M14 Norinco
Polytec MOST USGI Semi Auto Receivers
MOST USGI Select Fire Receivers

Since the JAE-100 G3 has a staight contour, it will fit all barrel sizes, including heavy barrels. 

Glass bedding is not required. The two metal lug slides are drawn into the stock with the action and then you tighten the bolts on the bottom. They act like a door wedge and mate the receiver to the stock for a tight fit. This eliminates the need for glass bedding and allows you to remove the action and reinstall as often as you like without any degradation or loss of zero.

Please note that this product may require an export permit in order to be shipped from Norway. Please upload a scanned copy of your ID card or similar when placing your order. This notice does not apply to customers in Norway

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