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MDT Skeleton Adjustable Carbine Stock 11.75" FDE


Color: FDE Length: 11.75"

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MDT Skeleton Carbine Stock

The SCS has been designed to allow maximum adjustability while minimizing weight. The adjustability allows each shooter to optimize superior ergonomics for multiple shooting positions. The weight has been minimized by skeletonization while retaining the strength of the stock.

The SCS is crafted in 6061 aluminum with Cerakote®.

Please note:

To clean or inspect the bore of a bolt action rifle equipped with the adjustable SCS, you will need to loosen and rotate the cheek-piece carriage down and out of the way.

For all AR-15/AR-10 applications, you must use the non-adjustable version of the SCS unless you have a side-charger handle.

Please note that this product may require an export permit in order to be shipped from Norway. Please upload a scanned copy of your ID card or similar when placing your order. This notice does not apply to customers in Norway


The SCS without the cheekpiece weighs 1.43-1.48lbs depending on the length of the buffer tube used and without spacers. 
The SCS with the cheekpiece weighs 1.91-1.96lbs depending on the length of the buffer tube used and without spacers.


The Body

The SCS has 3 QD attachment points (one on each side and one on the bottom) to allow the shooter multiple choices for carrying. The SCS also has a provision on the bottom of the stock to allow for the attachment of a picatinny rail.

The user is able to finely adjust the LOP by using the wheel mechanism located on the body of the SCS. LOP can be locked into position by tightening the lower bolt. The angle of the SCS can also be adjusted by loosening the top two screws on the body. This allows the body to align with the buffer tube by using the scribe mark down the buffer tube and the offset scribe mark on the SCS body.

The Carriage

The carriage allows the user to finely adjust the cheek riser height through adjustment of the wheel. The position of the cheek riser can be locked in by tightening the set screws on the side of the carriage. The carriage also allows the user to adjust the position and angle of the carriage itself. This is done by loosening the bolts beside the wheel.

Foam Cheek Guard

A soft foam guard has been placed on the SCS to allow for use with low optics. This foam guard provides comfort against the elements. The foam guards position can be adjusted by moving it horizontally along the buffer tube.

The Buttpad

The butt pad on the SCS can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, and angularly. By loosening the setscrew on the rear portion of the butt pad, the buttpad can be adjusted vertically. Once the buttpad has been moved up, two screws will be revealed. To adjust the angle of the butt pad, or move it in the horizontal plane, these screws must be loosened.

The SCS must be used with a custom MDT buffer tube and standard castle nut. This MDT buffer tube has a scribe mark down the center to allow the shooter to zero the angle of the SCS if they wish. On the body of the SCS, there is another machined marking to further allow the shooter to precisely angle their stock to suit their needs.

Firearm Compatibility

MDT offers various buffer tubes lengths to allow shooters to choose their Length of Pull. To use these buffer tubes with AR15 and AR10 buffer systems, one or more spacers will be included with your purchase. The possible buffer tube configurations and a compatibility chart are detailed below:

1. When using the 8.75” long SCS, an AR15 carbine buffer tube system can be used as it has the internal length of an AR15 carbine buffer tube. AR10 carbine buffer tube systems and AR10/AR15 rifle buffer tube systems are not compatible.

2. When using the 9.75” or 10.75” long SCS, an AR10 Carbine Buffer Tube System can be used, as it has the same internal length as an AR10 Carbine Buffer Tube. An AR15 carbine buffer tube system can be used with the use of a .625” spacer inserted into the buffer tube.

3. When using the 11.75” long SCS, an AR15/AR10 Rifle Buffer Tube System can be used, as it has the same internal length as an AR15/AR10 Rifle Buffer Tube. An AR15 carbine buffer tube system can be used with the 2.3” spacer. An AR10 Carbine Buffer Tube System can be used with the 1.7” spacer inserted into the buffer tube. 

Length of Pull

The buffer tube comes in various lengths to allow for proper Length Of Pull (LOP) for any rifle, while maintaining the correct internal length for an AR15 buffer system. The various lengths in relation to the Lenght of Pull (LOP) with our chassis systems are outlined in a table below.

For the ESS Chassis, the length includes the required adapter. 

For the LSS-XL Gen 2 Collapsible Chassis, the length includes the MDT Lockplate.

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