About Vertebrae

Vertebrae is a small product design and development firm, based in rainy Bergen, Norway. We believe in moving away from the traditional and using every modern invention, every new process and material available to build lightweight, robust products that works. User friendly products that will serve you well whenever you are, whether it is on the shooting range, out hunting or putting everything on the line in the field.
The Vertebrae Team is:
Kenneth - Research & Development: Kenneth is the designer, the ideas man and a someone who is never happier than when he get's plenty of strong coffee and peace and time to sit in front of the computer, fiddling with a technical drawing. He reads Applied Ballistics in the loo, and strongly believes that Vertebrae should buy it's own shooting range (we're working on it). You can get in touch with him by email: kenneth@vertebrae.no

Joachim - Managerial Chaos Monkey: Chaos Monkeys works on the principle that the best way to avoid major failures is to fail constantly. He’s pretty good at that. Joachim’s job is sales and marketing, IT, business development and finance. You can get in touch with him by email: joachim@vertebrae.no

Eva - The Office Mastermind: Eva is the over-worked business end of the enterprise. Her job is to take care of orders, invoices, bills, newsletters, answer questions, inventory, buying coffee, updates, being yelled at by customers, yelling at manufacturers, paperwork, import licenses, customs regulations, offers and with keeping Kenneth happy. In short, she's the manager and our Sanity Check Department. She prefers post@vertebrae.no if you want to get in touch.

Camilla - The Sharp End of the Stick: Camilla is the even more over-worked actual sharp end of the enterprise. She does all of the above, while also being our Health and Safety department, our HR apartment, and of course our Account Department (that was not in the job ad, she tried to point out the other day). In short, she's the one who actually have to do the actual stuff that needs done. Camilla never minces words, and never pulls a punch. She also prefers post@vertebrae.no if you want to get in touch.

Contact information:

Vertebrae AS
Strandgaten 223
5004 Bergen
Tel: +47 915 23 805 (This is the office phone)
Business license number: NO911714183MVA

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