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THLR Longrange Shooting 2


Our second longrange film picks up where the first one left off. That time we dealt with the basis and laid a foundation for the beginner. This time we add some difficulties. If Longrange Shooting from Scratch helped you get started, we hope this film takes you a few steps further!

We've filmed a longrange competition in northern Norway. The shooters are put to the test when they shoot against the clock with high pulse and in various positions. The weather both at the match and later is wetter and windier than in the first film. As the terrain varies the challenge gets harder. Eventually fatigue and cold prove to be bigger problems than some comparatively uncomplicated moving targets.

Solid routines help to get things right under pressure. We stick to that idea. We use the wind rules from the Longrange Shooting from Scratch, but we also demonstrate the less known vertical components of wind drift. We throw in some completely new and simple ways to correct for changes in temperature and air pressure, as well as an efficient system for handling various ranges when you are in a hurry. All in all we believe you will find more than a few ideas to test for yourself!

kr 297,50 kr 238,00

Language: Swedish and Norwegian

Subtitles: English

Running time: 1 hour 49 minutes

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