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Vertebrae Fusion


Vertebrae Fusion Tofot - du vil merke forskjell. Den er laget av karbonfiber og aluminium, og gir deg vekten til en jakttofot kombinert med presisjonen til en ekte langholdstofot.

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Vertebrae Fusion Bipod - Try the difference

Don’t sacrifice precision for weight with the new Vertebrae Fusion Bipod. Made from aluminium and carbon fibre, it will give you the precision of a true long range bipod combined with the low weight of a hunting bipod. 

The Vertebrae Fusion bipod is made from 7075-T6 aluminium with hard anodized mil spec surface, and precision made carbon fibre lower legs. The frame of the bipod lowers the rifle in relation to the leg's pivot points, giving you a stable shooting platform from any rifle. Use the handle to lock down the movement of the spigot when needed. The legs are spring assisted, so to adapt to uneven terrain you grasp the leg and squeeze the release and the leg pushes down by itself. Release the lever and you are where you need to be. No need to break your position to adjust the legs.

The Legs angle out to 60 degrees, giving you a wide stance and a low starting position with 14,5cm from the centre of the spigot point to the ground, extending to 23,5 cm with legs all the way out. The legs can be moved in 1cm steps. The feet are easily exchanged between spikes, cleat feet, skis or rubber feet. It is made for Versapod spigots, and it weighs in at 508 gram with steel spike feet, 479 gram with ski feet, 466 with rubber feet.

Please note that this product may require an export permit in order to be shipped from Norway. Please upload a scanned copy of your ID card or similar when placing your order. This notice does not apply to customers in Norway


Weight: 466 gram with rubber feet, 508 gram - steel spike, 479 gram ski feet

Height adjustment range: 14.5 cm - 23,5 cm

Material: 7075-T6 Aircraft-grade aluminium & Carbon Fibre legs

Manufacturer: Vertebrae AS

Vertebrae AS

Vertebrae AS is a small product design and development firm, based in rainy Bergen, Norway. We specialises in equipment for long range shooting, but we have a surprisingly wide range of interests. We both design our own products, and design products for others. Please let us know if you are looking for something special, we might be able to assist!

All our products are designed and developed in Norway.
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Tofotfeste Versa-Pod
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